Which Provence wine is best ?

Dégustation vin de provence La Calisse

Wine production in Provence is extremely prolific. These sunny lands are indeed favorable to the development of the vines. Among all this production, it is difficult to decide which Provence wine is best. Discover the Château La Calisse wines. Many wine experts have acclaimed our wines for their freshness and purity.

Which Chateau La Calisse Provence wine is best ?

Which Provence wine is best ?

Our wine production is very varied. We obviously produce organic French rosé wines from Provence, which have been elected best Provence rosé wine by many experts at numerous events. But we also produce some of the best French white wine from Provence as well as organic French red wines. Our wines won unanimous support in all three colors. This is clearly demonstrated by the many Gold and Silver medals received at fairs. You can discover our range of wines and their awards on our website.

We also produce delicious French organic olive oil from Provence. This oil comes from the fruits of the hundred-year-old olive trees of the estate. The process used is strictly mechanical.

The other common point of our products is that they are certified organic. Château La Calisse was indeed one of the first vineyards to be able to claim this certification. We do not use any chemical weedkillers or fertilizers. We maintain the floors according to old uses. The harvest is done by hand, in order to pick the grapes at full maturity.

How to taste our organic Provence wines

You want to know which Provence wine is best ? Taste our wines to discover it !

You can order organic French organic wines from Provence on our website. But it is also possible to come to the estate from Monday to Friday during the day. We can welcome you there and organize a Provence wine tasting. It is also possible to purchase our wines there. You will then have the opportunity to determine which Provence wine is best according to you !